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Dogging or cacaneo: Everything you should know about the cancaneo

Dogging or cacaneo: Everything you should know about the cancaneo

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In today's article, we will talk about dogging, a sexual practice that has been in fashion for a few years, but that is still unknown to the more "traditional" people. As you can see, this is a practice for those looking for strong emotions.

What is dogging or cancaneo?

Dogging (anglicism) or cancaneo (Spanish meaning) is a sexual practice consisting of maintaining consensual relationships, in pairs or groups, with strangers and in public places or outdoors.

The key to the cancaneo is that all participants or doggers, both practitioners and voyeurs, enjoy the experience. Even observers can change their role and incorporate into sexual practice.

The practice of dogging seems that began in the 70s in the UK. The term dogging derives from the English word dog (dog) referring to the fact of taking the dog for a walk as an excuse to have sex in the parks and be observed.

Another possible origin may be the dog's posture that dogging practitioners were forced to adopt. In Spain, the term used is Cancaneo.

In social networks the videos of dogging proliferate where you can see many combinations both in the practice itself and in the places chosen to carry it out.

The cancaneo It takes place in places like parks, beaches, forests, open fields next to urban areas or motorway rest areas.

How are the contacts for dogging in Spain?

The amateur cancaneo is a recent fad but increasingly widespread in Spain.

In 2008, a chapter of a well-known Spanish series, El Comisario, which dealt with the murder of a girl while doing dogging, helped to make the practice known and to shoot the number of participants in Spain.

Participants in real dogging can be found casually or, which is becoming more frequent, quoting on the Internet.

In this sense, there are several websites specifically dedicated to facilitate appointments for Spanish dogging. Through them you can find where and when to participate in a cancaneo in a specific geographical area, as well as the type of involvement that one wants to have in dogging, active or voyeur.

The locations used for the cancaneo are changing seasonally to prevent overcrowding. Those responsible for web pages dedicated to dogging usually check the places proposed for make sure about your suitability and avoid confusion.

In Spain, in the coastal areas the cancaneo on the beach is very common for those who practice it. In cities like MadridFor example, sites such as the Temple of Debod, the Retiro Park or the Paseo del Prado are widely used.

In Barcelona, the most popular places are Montjuïc, the Carretera de las Aigües, the surroundings of the Sagrada Familia or even on certain floors of some department stores.

It is dangerous?

Like any consensual sexual practice, the cancaneo can involve danger if a series of basic rules:

  • Always use protection to avoid any kind of contagion. Remember that dogging is basically sex between strangers and therefore every precaution in that regard is little.
  • Everyone who actively participates in the cancaneo must be clear that the wishes and limits of the other participants have to be respected. It's about enjoying everyone and not that some participants get damaged in any way.
  • Since the cancaneo is done outdoors, you have to take into account the legal regulations regarding exhibitionism and sexual provocation: It will be considered a crime if it attempts against the compensation of minors or incapacitated persons and in this case it would be punishable by up to 1 year in jail.
  • Following the above mentioned, it is also important to consider the municipal regulations which applies to nudism in public places.
  • It is advisable, to avoid unwanted problems or situations, not offer any personal and identifying information as telephone or address, neither through the website nor personally.
  • In line with the above, if you need to communicate with other doggers, a good form of identification is a email address unlinked from personal data.
  • It is advisable to make sure once the dogging encounter is over that nobody follows in your footsteps in order to find out where he lives.
  • Also recommended to avoid scares is do not take valuables to valuable events or, if they get along, have them controlled so that the passion of the moment does not lead to a very unhappy ending.

As you can see, the cancaneo is a practice that offers strong emotions to those who are not content with traditional sex.


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