The problem of jelly beans

The problem of jelly beans

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In the gang of my neighborhood we are as many boys as girls and we all love jelly beans. Today my friend Andrea has found 7 cents under the bank where we met and has decided to share them with the whole gang, so we have gone to the jelly beans store in front.

In the store there are three types of goodies. The small ones are sold at 3 units for one cent, the medium ones for two units for one cent and the large ones cost one cent each.

If we know that we have distributed the whole jelly beans and that we have all eaten the same amount, How many girls are in my gang?

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In the gang there will be three girls and three boys since there are as many boys as girls. Each ate two jelly beans of the three by one cent and a medium jelly of the two by one cent. The 7 cents became 12 jelly beans of 3 to one cent (4 cents) and 6 jelly beans of 2 to one cent (3 cents).