Erotic toys to use alone or as a couple

Erotic toys to use alone or as a couple

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The so-called erotic toys are an addition to our sexuality, as they enrich it. They have existed since ancient times; Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used wax to create huge penis-like candles and in China more than 2000 years ago, bronze dildos were made.

Even if the most common is to use them for solo sex, as a way to increase pleasure during masturbation, it can also complement couple sex. The use of this type of toys we it will serve to increase the excitement and help to reach the climax.

In the market we can find a large number of sex toys, some serve to enhance the excitability of Erogenous and sensitive areas of the skin, such as the neck, back and other toys directly stimulate the genital area.

We can use them both alone and as a couple, in any case the idea is to try and find all the possibilities


  • 1 Toys for women
  • 2 Toys for men
  • 3 mixed toys

Toys for women

Dildo or dildo, non-vibrating phallic-shaped contraption that is used to sexually stimulate the vagina or anus. It can be used statically while stimulating other areas of the body, or with movement, to create more internal stimulation. There is a version with two extremes, common in lesbian sex, which allows double penetration.

Vibrators, devices with vibration whose purpose is to stimulate sensitive areas of the body. They exist in multiple shapes and sizes which allows their external and internal use. The vibrators were created as a healing remedy of what was known in the Victorian era as "female hysteria", which was healed when women, through these devices, reached "hysterical paroxysm" or orgasm.

Inside the vibrators, we find the “bunnyes” (bunnies) that consist of a double vibrator that stimulates the vagina and clitoris at the same time. Its name is because the clitoris stimulator has extensions shaped like ears that simulate those of a rabbit.

Chinese balls, although its purpose is especially therapeutic, since they serve to strengthen the pelvic floor, its use can also produce very pleasant sensations. It consists of two balls, usually made of medical silicone, hollow and with smaller balls inside that rotate and move making a kind of vibratory effect.

Toys for men

Egg Shaped Masturbators, adapts to the size and needs of each penis. Inside they are textured, it is one of the most successful toys among men.

Artificial vagina, These consist of a tube that simulates a vagina or an anus that adapts to the penis to simulate intercourse.

Rings, they are placed in the penis and prolong the erection by trapping blood inside the limb's corpora cavernosa. They can be used by men with erection difficulties. There are models that include a clitoris stimulator, others vibrate and others have rings to stimulate the testicles and perineum.

Penis sheathIt is a cylindrical device that is placed on the penis, its purpose is to increase the size of the penis, they usually have relief drawings that serve to increase the sexual pleasure of the person being penetrated.

Vacuum pumps for the penis, can be used in the case of erectile dysfunctions, as well as for masturbation. Although it is said that its use can increase penis size, this is not proven.

Prostate stimulator, the male version of the female "bunnies", in this case they are a prostate stimulator and a perineum massager.

Silicone dolls. The evolution of the classic inflatable dolls. They are the latest generation of sex dolls.

Mixed toys

Anal plugThis is the ideal toy for those interested in venturing into anal sex. As the name implies, it is a dildo designed specifically for the anus.

Toys that are stimulated via bluetooth, They serve both for the stimulation of the vagina and the clitoris and anus, since it is the other member of the couple has control of the toy and turns it on and off at will.

Toys / accessories for couples

In the market you can find an infinite variety of accessories designed to increase feelings in relationships and that can become true allies to enliven passion.

Lubricating gel with retarding effect, allow erections to extend over time and when heated generates very pleasant sensations to the couple.

Aphrodisiac oils, It can make a significant difference in passion between two people.

Lubricants, lubricants help make penetration or stimulation more enjoyable.

Couples massagers, They serve to prepare the body for sex or the desired relationship. These are devices that vibrate at different frequencies to relax the body and enjoy more. There is a great variety of shapes and sizes in the market.

Sex toys can be a great help to renew sexuality in which the routine has been present. All of them are supplements that can help improve sex life. Now just try to try them.