The minimalist restaurant

The minimalist restaurant

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In a modern restaurant located in the center of the city they claim to be the most minimalist establishment in the world. From decoration to the size of your dishes everything is small and simple.
Even for short, in the letter, they have named the 9 different dishes they prepare with the letters A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H and I.

Five university logic professors arrive for dinner one night and since it is not possible to know what food each letter corresponds to they decide to ask without knowing what they are going to eat. The waiter brings them the dishes, leaves them on the table and the diners distribute them without knowing what each one has asked for. After two more nights having dinner at the same restaurant, the five teachers manage to find out what food each letter of the letter corresponds to.

Do you know how to tell me how they did it?


The five people asked for the first day five dishes identified with the letters A, B, C, D and D. In this way they found out the first day that the plate with the letter D corresponded and that it was the only one repeated.

The second night they asked for A, E, F, G and G. In this way they managed to find out the plate G, which arrived repeated and the plate corresponding to the letter A that was repeated both nights.

Last night they asked for dishes B, E, H, I and I. So they found out I since it was the only dish repeated at night, B that was the only common dish on the first night, E that was the only dish common to the second night and the dishes C, F and H that appeared once every night and were not repeated.


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