The paranoia of boredom

The paranoia of boredom

"Sometimes we confuse leisure or simply doing nothing with boredom, but even the busiest person can be the most boring"

A reflection on the world we have built

We often feel invaded by a strange feeling of emptiness that we call boredom. It seems that we do not know what to do, we do not find satisfaction with anything and it occurs to us that time passes too quickly without having "time" to take advantage of it. It is as if we felt that we have no right to vacate and enjoy it. It is as if we were dedicated to continuous work, to the need to justify the time spent.

But the moments are unique and unrepeatable and with that negative attitude we are simply wasting our special moment. The simple fact of sitting without doing anything has to be fun because it is our decision and we have to enjoy it.

We live in a world full of anxiety and stress and the continuous parade of characters taking care of something makes us feel unhappy or bored when we don't. At the same time when we have to do the same thing too many times a saturation point arrives in which our mind shouts: Enough!

What madness of the world if we don't know many times what we want!

This message may seem like the dissertation of the bored but many times I can feel the power of that word inside me. I try to enjoy the "nothing to do" but soon the relaxed situation becomes unsustainable and without thinking twice the feeling that overwhelms me makes it explode causing pain in that I have made complicit in my attitude.

Our society has entertained us with numerous leisure activities as if simple contact with oneself was not a sufficient source of pleasure and even knowing that it is, we often forget it and let ourselves be infected by that displeasure or boredom.

Fear of boredom

There are people who are already born bored because they feel annoyed with themselves and that causes continuous irritation that translates into feeling bored. Others are so accustomed to continued leisure that when one day there is nothing to do they feel lost. I remember a patient who told me that after 20 years married to parents always at home and with girls always with them that weekend that was approaching was the first that she and her partner would finally be alone. The emotion I felt was fearful of that new experience. The next contact revealed that they experienced boredom.

We need idle distractions to feel satisfied because we live in a society that has absorbed our judicious minds in continuous messages of outbound activities.

"You told me once that you had moved to a bigger house to have more space because if you already had that we would not need to spend weekends outside ...". But despite the greater space the burden appears and only a good internal analysis will give answers to that boredom.

On Saturdays as "sheep" we humans gather in the mall that is closest to us to probably occupy our minds in looking at shop windows and faithful to our compulsivity, playing to see who buys more. Meanwhile, wars and disasters are unleashed in the world but we, with the excuse of boredom, stay away from the anxiety that unleashes thinking about all this. So superficial have we become that we do not realize that the Universe we live on is complaining about our disastrous technological evolution? And people worry about their depressions, their boredom, their stress ... when it is we and each of us who are responsible for ending it.

My son sometimes tells me that he is bored and my answer is: do you feel bored when you are 8 years old when you lack nothing? How far we have come, the more they have less value. Surely those poor Third World children do not have time to think about the boredom between the feeling of hunger and pain, quite the contrary, they squeeze happiness to the fullest because they have not felt saturated with the consumer society that we have created and that It will lead us to our own end.