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What is talent?

What is talent?

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Small guide to identify and recruit talented people

Talent is related to intelligence and the ability to do something specific, is something that usually occurs naturally and can be reinforced.

The word talent has an etymology that I love, because it is somewhat poetic in terms of its meaning, it has to do with the value that society assigned to a currency.

It is said that the word comes from a parable, where: the master gave his servants a certain amount of talents, some took advantage of the talents that were given to them, putting them at the service of themselves and others; the other servants, on the other hand, buried them like a treasure in the earth. Most of us have some talent that has to do with our aptitudes and abilities, which are the ones we have to do something specific, perhaps with a little more ease than others.

It is healthy for the individual and society to develop for profit. Do you have your talents identified? If so, do you try to develop them or do you prefer to hide them in the earth? The potentiate our talents, many times forces us out of our comfort zone and involves great challenges and changes, while contributing to our well-being.

I suggest you give yourself the task of identify your talents and evaluate how much you use them or not. If you have not identified your talents or if you have doubts and fears about your academic or work history because you do not know how to identify them well, psychologists can guide you in that direction, because they have the preparation and provide you with the tools to help you get started Your talents without so many fears.

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Some claim that being talented is different from the skills that can be developed, and that it has to do with outstanding innate characteristics. What is true is that it is different to be gifted to be talented.

The human being possesses multiple intelligences. Even people who seem to have no talent, if we give ourselves the opportunity to observe, we can find that "they are good for something."

The talent of human beings

It is also true that there are talents that are exceptional and are those that have left a great legacy for humanity. Nevertheless, there are talents that go unnoticed due to the environment in which the person is; Some of our grandmothers are a good example of this, because they are or were women with great talents, only that almost all their virtues, energy and purposes put them into something that is the fundamental basis of society: the family. This important activity often goes unnoticed or is undervalued.

When eating the dishes of a typical grandmother, it can be denoted that many of their activities require aptitude and can apply their skills with art, because when they are in the kitchen, it seems that they dance sensations: delicious aromas, colors and all this while doing their wise, observations and recommendations for our well-being; This is talent put at the service of others without so much glory, but with great honor. I also recognize, admire and like to appreciate the talent that famous chefs of the restaurants in the city have. Many of them had the ability to cook naturally and chose their vocation well, but there are very good ones too, that through preparation and perseverance they managed to stand out and reach high levels of performance that can satisfy the most demanding palates.

Talent Recruitment

Identifying talent is very important in recruiting staff, because if we know how to choose the right parts, the work team can have a better synergy and therefore we will have better results that translate into greater productivity.

For this reason and not to get lost in concepts and subjectivities about the term, I leave some of the characteristics that can serve as Guide to identify talents in people for work purposes:

  1. They are curious and anxious to learn new things.
  2. A constant in life is change, it is necessary to try to stay updated to respond effectively to daily challenges. Thus, Continuous learning, adaptation and evolution in the performance of certain tasks It is also characteristic.
  3. They have some objective established, what gives them motivation and determination, can focus your attention to carry out their activities, so they know how to prioritize and plan, which will result in actions, usually proactive and proactive.
  4. They have a divergent thinking and a flexible cognitive style. This allows them to be purposeful and reach creative conclusions for problem solving and innovation.
  5. Critical and creative thinking. In the classroom, I used to find that students who are very talented in some areas could solve their problems differently from what others usually used. For example: in the absence of any assigned reading, some students can build good conjectures to get rid well, with only their ability to associate. This is a common example of the use of this type of thinking in the usual.
  6. High performance, because talent is related to contributing to a specific objective, as well as the delivery of Results efficiently and effectively.
  7. They demonstrate with their constant actions a growth potential that is reflected in its performance.

A talented person may appear not to have it because they do not have or have not had the opportunity to develop it; it is frequent that due to psychological variables they cannot do it; Therefore, in that case it is advisable to seek professional psychological attention as soon as possible.

One characteristic that these people share is that they seem to have an extra dose of energy and a passion for what interests them, which makes them stand out or at least meet the objectives. Talented people throughout human history have left a great legacy for us, so they can really benefit those in their environment, thanks to the development of its virtues put at the service of others in any of the ways that talent manifests itself.

A proper emotion management it allows them to develop their capacity, so when they don't find the balance thrillsl, their own characteristics make them tend to fall into harmful behaviors for their health, so that sometimes psycho-pedagogical guidance is necessary so that they can easily achieve their goals and not generate anxiety, which in the end can be destructive. The psychologists They can provide various techniques and strategies to empower your talents.

I suggest you see: 80 wonderful talent phrases, which compiled for us and thus motivate you and decide to potentialize your talents as soon as possible.

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