Positive visualization and relaxation

Positive visualization and relaxation

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What is the visualization?

We can understand visualization as a technique of attraction to our mind of relaxing images, some such as something as simple as a sunny day, a landscape in spring, or as complex as we want.

These images combined with different techniques seen now in this section will allow us to minimize the possible stress or nervousness of which we are not imprisoned. Minorizing also aspects such as anxiety, a negative state facing life with positive thinking.

Display Benefits

Review that some positive visualization techniques they manage to promote a balance between the left hemisphere of the brain and the right, in turn sharpening memory and senses. Therefore we see that it is also positive for our general well-being.

To carry out these visualizations, we will try to concentrate by putting our mind blank and trying to keep pace with the breath.

The images that we will try to attract to the mind are such as relaxing landscapes: small rivers in the middle of the mountain, for example and to the same if we had a disease we will imagine as much as possible that this disease does not exist. Therefore here we will be relaxing emotional aspects to accomplish our goal: relaxation.

After performing these sessions a couple of times, taking deep breaths, we will choose an image that we have imagined for when we have a state of tension to return to it with the mind, focusing on this image that made us feel so good.

All these exercises will be practiced for 5 or 10 minutes, gradually increasing until it reaches 30 minutes.

It is advised to practice this technique regularly. We will learn little by little to master the so-called visualization. On another occasion we will see if an exercise table for this purpose using this technique and explain the call Positive Visualization, but more or less you can imagine what those words refer to. And now to practice and relax.

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