What does the celebrity celebrate?

What does the celebrity celebrate?

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By way of introduction I think it is convenient to cite a fragment of the book "The Fame Factor" by Mercedes Odina and Gabriel Halevi:

"The fact that an individual stands out is always due to the fact that he has placed himself at the right point between the common and the unique, so that the concept of fame is based on the proper relationship between the familiar and the unusual, between tradition and the originality ... the criteria with which any type of fame is measured at present are defined by the time of public exposure and the appearance adopted in said exhibition ...

The banality of the laws that govern the world of fame has infected politics enough so that selfish personalities abound among individuals who crave power, and the desire to figure today is the engine of many public careers. "

The celebrity would psychologically seek to fill his emotional deficiencies with great fame primordial (or other), since it is precisely "a fault" real or fantasized, which drives him frantically in search of notoriety. In this way, the celebrity at the top of her glory would "illusory" celebrate her imaginary completeness. Occasionally, certain aspiring "celebrities" often need genius to achieve their purposes, although in these cases, genius would be a kind of mobile genius (in terms of mobility through the various mental fields of knowledge), attentive to the instrumental needs of its famous host, although these would always be subordinated to that essential purpose described. Almost everything relevant for this purpose would be valid, obviously limited, in each particular case, to the real capabilities or potentialities of the subject and, to the eventual development of any of them, the one that best lends itself to "celebrate "the coveted recognition.

Instead, the great person; that is, the true genius, with all his creative force, has first of all a mission to fulfill or a cause to fight for, something "non-negotiable" inherent in his deep feeling, that sublimation by means of expressing or communicating to their peers. The celebration, if any, is secondary and many times it does not interest you. In other words, there would be no frivolity in true genius, or at least it would not be central. The celebrity, as we saw, would not be so interested in the path, as in fame itself. For the genius, the journey is essential, because it unfolds his creation; He doesn't want fame at any price. The genius can live a lifetime expressing his work and without obtaining recognition, history realizes it. The celebrity, without recognition, without being able to celebrate, could not live long without surely paying a high tribute to her physical or psychic health, or twisting towards corrupt practices to reach her vital goal.

Geniuses also tend to become celebrities, although there are few who obtain this public consideration at an advanced age, or even after his death, but always as a result of his work or legacy, and not vice versa.

It may be appropriate to reflect on the importance that the "fame factor" has acquired at this time, due among other things to the frivolization of culture and values, with its negative effects on human subjectivity.

Jorge A. Ballario
Psychologist and essayist