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Pansexuality, another way of understanding love

Pansexuality, another way of understanding love

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"I always hated the word bisexual because it encased me. I have never thought of someone as a woman or a man. My eyes began to open in fifth or sixth grade. My first relationship was with a girl. (…) I once saw a particular human being who did not identify himself as a man or a woman. He was both a beautiful and sensual person, hard but vulnerable and feminine but masculine. And I felt as identified with that person as I had never felt before in my life. " These were the singer's statements Miley Cyrus about your pansexuality and what it meant for her to be pansexual.


  • 1 What is pansexuality?
  • 2 Is bisexuality and pansexuality the same?
  • 3 What is not being pansexual?
  • 4 What can we do to end prejudices?

What is pansexuality?

The term pansexuality (bread: from Latin all) refers to the orientation of people who feel romantic or sexually attracted to other people regardless of their biological sex or gender identity, that is, pansexual people They feel attraction to the individual, regardless of their expression, gender identity or sexual biology.

Is bisexuality and pansexuality the same?

No, it's not the same. Pansexuality is often confused with bisexuality, however, these are different concepts. While the bisexuality refers to the attraction to both genders, based on identity as a man or woman, the pansexuality goes beyond that dichotomy and refers to a broader and more inclusive term that starts from the basis of rejection of attraction based only on the binary notions of sex (male or female) and gender (male or female) and opens to the attraction towards the whole spectrum of sexual identities be they cisgenders, transgenders, agéneros or any other.

What is not being pansexual?

Some prejudices that pansexual people face may be based on treating this orientation as a transient trend That only exists among young people. This is a mistake. Pansexuality, like other options such as sapiosexuality wave demisexuality They have always existed. What has not existed is their identification and the freedom of identification that these new terms imply for individuals who previously could not feel represented with the few “official” options that were recognized.

According to Dr. Shapiro therapist and social worker specializing in LGBT issues, "people can be more or less pansexual than they were before the pansexual term emerged. Identifying this offered a simpler way to analyze this experience, and a easier goal to identify it. "

Pansexual people may also have to face unfair prejudices how to be characterized by others as more promiscuous people, having more sexual options.

According to him Dr. Frankie Bashan, psychologist and relationship coach, for those couples in which one of the components is not pansexual this “brings them many fears; they think that they cannot trust the person, who will not be loyal or monogamous, assumptions based on the fear of being abandoned. ”

This is an absolute mistake: a sexual orientation does not dictate what kind of relationship a person can or wants to have. The search for many or few partners or of greater or lesser stability in a relationship is a personal choice independent of sexual orientation, just as a heterosexual person will not be more or less loyal when it comes to forming a partner because they are attracted by people of the opposite sex.

What can we do to end prejudices?

The education it's the way of end any prejudice both towards pansexual people and people of any other type of orientation. In the words of Dr. Shapiro "keeping ourselves ignorant creates and fosters a nourishing ground for fear and misperception." And to achieve full normalization, We have to keep talking about it.

It is true that we still know little about the data surrounding pansexuality, such as prevalence, relationship development, personal characteristics or other demographic data, since this orientation has not been a widely studied option in academic research. . While until now only the orientations of heterosexuality, homosexuality or bisexuality were contemplated, now concepts arise that reflect the reality of many people who previously did not feel identified.

This is quite unfortunate, since pansexuality is a reality in which many people, especially young people who seek their identity, can feel reflected and can help them find answers.

Living our own sexuality without prejudice, with responsibility and with respect towards us and our partners must always be essential to achieve happiness and self-realization..


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