75 phrases by Émil Michel Cioran

75 phrases by Émil Michel Cioran

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Cioran phrases

Émil Michel Cioran He was a writer and philosopher of Romanian origin, considered the last great exponent of Western pessimism. His phrases are already famous for the depth of his thoughts. Enjoy with these impressive phrases of Cioran for the heart.

Famous quotes Émil Michel Cioran

It is not the violent evils that mark us, but the deaf, the insistent, the tolerable evils, those that are part of our routine and undermine us as time.

Insomnia is a dizzying lucidity that would turn paradise into a place of torture.

For you who no longer have it, freedom is everything. For us, yes, it is merely an illusion.

We can imagine everything, predict everything, except where we can sink.

We are all at the bottom of a hell where every moment is a miracle.

Our grudges derive from the fact that, remaining below ourselves, we have not been able to reach the goal. We never forgive this to others.

I live only because I can die whenever I want. Without the idea of ​​suicide, if it weren't for the possibility of suicide, I would have been killed.

The less hope we have, the more proud we feel, to the point that pride and despair develop at the same time.

I don't think I missed a single chance to be sad. My vocation as a man.

Against the obsession of death, the subterfuges of hope are revealed as ineffective as the arguments of reason.

I wander through the days like a whore in a world without sidewalks.

We can be proud of what we have done, but we should be much more than what we have not done. That pride is about to invent.

The more I read pessimists, the more I love life.

There is in stupidity a gravity that, better oriented, could multiply the number of masterpieces.

The fact that life has no meaning is a reason to live, the only one in reality.

An obsession lived to satiety is annulled in its own excesses.

The most difficult value, which is especially necessary for the weak, is the value of suffering.

The days do not acquire flavor until one escapes the obligation of having a destiny.

What would happen to our tragedies if an insect presented its own?

The limit of any pain is an even greater pain.

The creator who wishes to become transparent to himself stops creating: to know oneself is to stifle his own gifts and the devil himself.

The defects of men cannot be avoided without at the same time renouncing their virtues.

Our resentment comes from the fact of having been inferior to our possibilities and not being able to reach ourselves. And we will never forgive others.

The more depressed you are, the more things get immobilized, waiting to become ice.

The anxious builds his fears, then settles in them.

Fear is death at any moment.

Not content with real sufferings, the anxious imposes the imaginary.

In the pessimist coincide an ineffective goodness and an unsatisfied evil.

When one wishes not to forget someone, to think about that person continuously, to stick to him forever, it is necessary to strive not to love him but to hate him.

Be wary of those who turn their backs on love, ambition, society. They will take revenge for having renounced it.

If freedom is, as has been said, just a sensation, what is the difference between being and believing oneself free? You can be free within the prisons themselves.

Stop one from being young when you don't choose your enemies, when you're happy with the ones you have on hand.

For the obsessed there is no choice: the obsession has already chosen for them, before them.

Every problem desecrates a mystery; in turn, every problem is desecrated by the solution.

When you have left the circle of errors and illusions within which the acts take place, taking a position is almost impossible. A minimum of stupidity is needed for everything, to affirm and even to deny.

I am never at ease in the immediate, only what precedes me, what drives me away from here, the innumerable moments in which I was not: the unborn, in short.

No one can keep their loneliness if they don't know how to become hateful.

We can be proud of what we have done, but we should be much more than what we have not done. That pride is about to invent.

Every act flatters the hyena in us.

My mission is to kill time, and that of time is to kill me in turn, how comfortable one is among murderers.

Golden rule: leave an incomplete image of yourself.

Buddhism calls "macula of the spirit" to anger; Manichaeism, "root of the death tree." I know. And what is the use?

Don't ask me for my program: Isn't it one to breathe?

If I do not have the taste of mystery, it is because everything seems inexplicable, or rather, because the inexplicable is my only sustenance and I am fed up with it.

Outside The beggar is a poor man who, eager for adventure, has abandoned poverty to explore the jungles of godliness.

Imaginary pains are, by far, the most real, since they are constantly needed and invented because it is not possible to do without them. of music, everything, even loneliness and ecstasy, is a lie. She is just both, but improved.

The essentials often arise at the end of the conversations. The great truths are said in the hallways.

The fact that life has no meaning is a reason to live, the only one in reality.

In some, everything, absolutely everything, has to do with physiology: your body is your thought, your thought is your body.

God: a disease that we imagine being cured because nobody dies of it today.

For you who no longer have it, freedom is everything. For us, yes, it is merely an illusion.

Write books only if what you are going to say in them you would never trust anyone.

The truth begins with a conflict with the police, and ends when we call them to intervene.

The impossibility of finding a single town, a single tribe where birth causes grief and lamentation, proves to what extent Humanity is in a state of regression.

Our resentment comes from the fact that we have fallen short of our possibilities without being able to reach ourselves. And we will never forgive others.

Get up like a determined thaumaturgist to populate his day of miracles, and fall back in bed to ruminate until night penalties of love and money ...

As soon as an animal is upset, it begins to resemble man. Look at a furious or abolic dog: it seems as if he is waiting for his novelist or his poet.

The more indifferent people are to me, the more they trouble me; and the more I despise them, the less I can approach them without stuttering.

The reason is a whore who survives through simulation, versatility and shamelessness.

Not be reduced to a work; you just have to say something that can be whispered in the ear of a drunk or a dying person.

Only what is hidden is deep and true. Hence the force of vile feelings.

Who is revealed? Who gets up in arms? The slave rarely, but almost always the oppressor become a slave. My faculty of disappointment goes beyond understanding. She is the one who makes me understand Buddha, but it is also she who prevents me from following him.

To be objective is to treat the neighbor as an object is treated, a dead person, is to behave with him as a gravedigger.

The more men move away from God, the more they advance in the knowledge of religions.

The future only becomes fearsome as soon as one is not sure of being able to kill oneself at the desired moment.

"Since I am in the world," that since seems to me loaded with such a frightening meaning that it becomes unbearable.

I do nothing, it's true. But I see the hours go by which is better than trying to fill them.

I live only because I can die whenever I want: without that idea of ​​suicide, it would have long since killed me.

When I look at the city from my attic, it seems to me that it is as honest to be sacristan as a pimp.

One stops being young when the enemies are no longer chosen, when one is content with those already in hand.

Why retire, why leave the game when we still have so many beings to disappoint?

You dream of setting the universe on fire and you haven't even managed to communicate your fire to words, you haven't even managed to light one ...

Only one flavor is discovered every day when it escapes the obligation to own a destination.

What I know at sixty, I already knew at twenty. Forty years of a long, superfluous checking work.

The obsession of birth, by transporting us more here from our past, makes us lose our taste for the future, for the present and even for the past.

Any truth can be endured, however destructive it may be, on condition that it is total, that it carries as much vitality as the hope it has replaced.

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