Chestnut cast

Chestnut cast

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This riddle goes from three small chestnut seekers who decided to share the spoils in proportion to their age. It is a very beautiful problem, which will surprise the very proficient in mathematics. These little girls had never dedicated a second to mathematical arithmetic. They hadn't even bothered to count the number of chestnuts they had collected, 770.

They simply divided them according to their age. So every time Mary took 4, Nellie took 3, and for every 6 Mary received Susie they touched 7.

The problem is to say how many chestnuts each one received and how old they were.


Nellie, who was 4 and a half years old, took 198, Mary, 6, took 264, and Susie, 7, took 308.

The analysis of the problem leads us to:

As Susie takes 7 for every 6 of Mary and Nellie takes 3 of every 4 of Marie, she would take only 4 1/2 in each division of 4, 5, 6 and 7 that adds 17 1/2. So dividing 770 by 17.5 we have 44, which is the number by which we will multiply the ages.