Work with Energy Psychology

Work with Energy Psychology

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Energy psychology


  • 1 Emotions and happiness
  • 2 What is Energy Psychology?
  • 3 Tapping
  • 4 Holistic psychotherapy

Emotions and happiness

One of the possibly most important aspects that psychology works is the study ofhappiness, although mainly what it seeks to determine is what is happiness based on, how to get it and, of course, how to keep it. In fact, many people set daily challenges in life to achieve this supposed state of complete happiness. Even within psychology there are different branches specifically oriented to study happiness from different perspectives. However, whatever the field, happiness will always appear as one of the key points in our lives, if not the main one.

Even so and even Being happy or having at least such a perception, we are often not able to manage some processes or conflicts that are presented to us, either socially or individually. In these processes are our emotions. Much has been said about emotional aspects especially with the arrival of the Emotional Intelligence, but it is not here that we will stop with this post, although without a doubt Emotional Intelligence is a great tool to manage our emotions and therefore improve our social and individual well-being. What we will discuss today is the emergence of a new type of perspective and psychological approach that has been gaining strength in recent years: Energy Psychology.

What is Energy Psychology?

Energy Psychology It is a relatively new discipline, which in fact is expanding more and more, not only because of its novelty, but also because of its emotional applications. While in psychology as we have said we work on emotions, Energy Psychology goes one step further and establishes that each and every living being has its own vital energy.

This is the energy that is talked about so much, especially in the Eastern world and in the alternative therapies, it is possibly a field that being formerly almost unknown by many people, has ended up being accepted by professionals who have discovered their interaction with our emotional state and therefore, with achieving that desired state of well-being and happiness, because it is clear that if we are and We don't feel good about ourselves, our sense of well-being will improve considerably.


Within the field of Energy Psychology we work with the so-called Tapping, consisting of a set of techniques that use points located in the body that restore our emotional balance and improve our well-being, unlocking negative energies that prevent our vital energy from flowing correctly. We may have heard these terms sometime, especially in acupuncture or in many other manual therapies.

Various aspects of the Energy Psychology they have been making a dent over time, including themselves in disciplines such as coaching, the psychotherapy for the treatment of various traumatic events, etc ... It seems to be, therefore, that it is a emotional support tool which is presented as useful as well as effective.

But going back to Tapping, it is necessary to comment something more in depth in what it consists. Imagine that we are at a time where we feel especially stressed or emotionally sad and pessimistic. The Tapping of Energy Psychology would propose, for example, to make a series of blows or pressure on certain points of our body and at the same time pronounce motivating phrases to achieve the self acceptance. Although at first glance it may seem strange or simplistic, through this process we have seen that our brain It can reach a state of greater competence at the resolution level to resolve or respond to those blockages that do not allow us to move forward and thus mitigate pessimistic and, ultimately, negative feelings.

Holistic psychotherapy

It is possible that if you search for information on this subject, find the phrase Emotional release techniques, because in fact it is what is intended to be achieved with Energy Psychology. In fact, we can say that this type of psychology tool belongs to what is known as advanced holistic psychotherapy.

By doing a brief review, we can see various terms of interest, such as psychology, emotions, blockages, energy, psychotherapy and well-being. Undoubtedly a whole set of factors to unlock our negative aspects and achieve happiness, or at least this should be the goal. Obviously, always under the watchful eye of professionals accredited for it and studying each particular case.

While the holistic world is interesting, it can also be said that any alternative therapy, however good it may be, should be complementary, which does not subtract its contribution or importance. We can enjoy and learn from alternative therapies always taking into account their applications and objectives but still being cautious.

David Alvarez
Social psychologist & ecop