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At the fair

At the fair

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Here is a simple but beautiful image of puzzles, full of funny figures that show how unknown quantities of things can be discovered by induction, without peering under the tent or resorting to algebra.

It seems that Harry went to the circus, but being a cautious person, he wanted to make sure to check the value of his money before parting with him, so he questioned the goalkeeper about the number of horses, riders and animals at the fair.

The goalkeeper, who was somewhat ashamed of the scant display of wonders inside the fair compared to the glittering images of the posters outside, pretended not to know the exact number of wonders of the fair, but told him that counting horses, riders and clowns, they added 100 feet and 36 heads, and that there was a collection of wonders of the African jungle that left the total sum in 56 heads and 156 feet.

the image shows the animals exhibited, but since we are more interested in the unknown quantities of the puzzle, we will ask our young friends to tell us the amount of horses, riders and clowns that act in the circus and that cannot be seen at all in the image, and by the way, as a naive sample of intelligence to tell us What is the attraction that is hidden in the cage on the left, where the show poster appears? A correct answer to this last question will prove your presence in the circus and that you were interested in the peculiarities described.


In that instructive visit to the fair, our young friend easily calculated that if there were one hundred feet and 36 heads between horses, riders and clowns, they should correspond to fourteen horses and 22 artists. As it was said that there were 56 feet and 20 more heads if we included the animals exhibited, and we can see ten animals and seven birds in the image, it is clear that there are only three more individuals left, who must have two feet and three heads between the three, so a great imagination is not required to discover that The attraction in the cage, which attracts so much attention, has to be the wonderful Hindu snake charmer with its two snakes.