The cabbage field

The cabbage field

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In this little riddle, simple but instructive, Mrs. Wiggs is explaining to the adorable little Maria, that she now has a larger square of cabbages than last year, and therefore, this year she will have 211 more cabbages.

How many of our mathematical experts and agronomists can estimate the total head of cabbage of Mrs. Wiggs, so that you can get an idea of ​​your contribution to the Chukrut market?


If we divide the increase of 211 as much as we can in halves, the square of whose 2 sums will show us the relative dimensions of the two terraces, therefore, 105 x 105 gives us 11,025, like last year's harvest, and 106 x 106 gives us 11,236, like this year's harvest, with an increase of 211 cabbages.