How to be a more attractive woman for men

How to be a more attractive woman for men

Attractive woman

In today's article, we are going to give some clues to one of the most basic goals of any woman (and of any man): Win in attractiveness to the other sex. So, without more, I leave you with some tips about how to be a more attractive woman.

A previous note

The first thing to say when talking about how to be a more attractive woman is that, although our social conception of male-female relationships is totally different from what we had thousands of years ago, the truth is that our brains have varied little.

And our brains are, after all, animal brains. In the deepest part of us, we are still attracted and repelled by the same elements that attract and repel chimpanzees (with few differences).

That is why this article, as a woman, may be a bit offensive, because it refers to aspects that could be "macho." It is not the intention at the time of writing, far from it.

We have biological drives that condition us, but That does not mean that they determine us. Therefore, my recommendation is to take into account the aspects that I will mention and use them in your favor, but always remembering your dignity as a woman, and being who sets the limit on their use of such strategies.

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That said, let's start!

What does a man look for in a woman?

To know how to be attractive to a manThe first thing to know is what attracts a man. As I said before, we are nothing more than animals, so the characteristics that attract a man are, to some extent, simple:

Physical attractiveness

First, Physical attractiveness is an important factor. It should be mentioned that physical attractiveness consists of a biological and a cultural part, so it is convenient to adjust to both.

As for the biological physical attractiveness, some large breasts and wide hips have always been an attraction factor (They involve good fat reserves and a wide channel that guarantees a successful delivery).

Also important are symmetric facial features, since this indicates health. Healthy hair and nails also indicate an optimal state of health, so you should also be careful.

And of course, a general care physicist. Here it should be noted that, although we currently always think of splendid bodies of pure fiber, the truth is that some fat (not much) is attractive from a biological point of view.

As for cultural factors, make-up, hairstyles, type of clothing, etc. come in. Basically the particular fashions and tastes of the man you want to attract (These particular tastes, in general, are influenced by the culture in which you live).

Some helplessness

Over tens of thousands of years of evolution, Man has protected women from all kinds of threats. This is a reality that, like it or not, is insurmountable. And, evolutionarily, those genes that led to this type of relationship were selected.

This was not a whim: The survival of the offspring (our babies) was at stake. Today, we don't need to be helpless or submissive for our babies to survive, but we still have that programming inside us.

When it comes to being attractive to another man, a good way to achieve this is to show some helplessness. This, in fact, is done quite naturally, exaggerating certain fears when you are with that person you like.

Simply, being aware of it, take advantage of it and play with it so that it is favorable to you when seducing that other person.


A third important point is intelligence. It might seem that it has no place here, but it does, and much. For a long time (and it must be said) men have appropriated women's ideas.

They could not expose them freely because they were second-class citizens, and the only way to contribute to society was by pseudonym (when possible) or through their husbands.

In addition, men, evolutionarily, always had to develop their simplest part: Aggression and determination. Women, on the other hand, had to develop social skills and intelligence.

For the previous two points, there is an interest of men for women who, in addition to attractive, are intelligent (contrary to what is usually thought). So, just as you spend half an hour exercising, you have to dedicate it to reading.

As you can see, for be a more attractive woman You only have to focus on two key aspects: Comply with what is biologically expected of a woman, and fulfill what is expected culturally. It doesn't sound quite right, but it is the most effective by far.