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The battle of the four oaks

The battle of the four oaks

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The city of the Four Robles is named after one of the first settlers who owned a large plot of land that left his four children in inheritance, specifying that they "divide it equally, as indicated by the positions of four ancient oaks that have always served as guides. ”

The children were unable to divide the land in a friendly way since the four trees gave them no guidance to guide them, so they went to court and lost all property in what became known as “the battle of the four oaks. ”

The person who told me the story believed that the story could be the origin of a good riddle and it has been, at least as far as the subject is concerned.

The illustration represents a square plot with four old oaks separated from each other by equal distances and aligned in a row that goes from the center of the land to one of its sides. The property was bequeathed to their four children indicating that they should Divide the field into four equal parts in the same way and measure so that each of the plots contained one of the trees.

The riddle is spontaneous, conceived in the heat of the moment, so it's really not very difficult. Despite this, we dare to say that not everyone will find the best answer.


The following image shows how it is possible to divide the square into four parts of identical size and shape with a tree contained in each.

Solution to the battle of the four oaks.