Adapt to pain, do not cling to it

Adapt to pain, do not cling to it

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Let go Any situation in your life. This does not mean that you do not act or do not participate. It means complete participation, but still being totally disconnected. It is what in English is known as "detachment". Cut the wood along the lines, look at the behavior of the water, and discover the strength what's in the weakness of the body of a cat. In the previous metaphor you have the formula for your freedom.

Now you must be a little out of place, but when you read what comes next you will see how everything makes sense.


  • 1 Cut the wood along the lines
  • 2 Put a knife in water and you will see what happens: 0% resistance
  • 3 Strength is in weakness

Cut the wood by the lines

Look at the lines and cut there, it is where the wood is "weaker". Do not complicate yourself, nature has already drawn hundreds of roads for us. Notice them and follow them. So far easy, right?

So, if we apply this concept to life in general, you have two options: put your mind in the same direction as the situation or turn it against. If you cannot change the situation, be it a stage of pain, illness or any other circumstance, simply place your mind on the same line and the process will flow by itself.

With the above information and the following sentence, I would like you to give it a couple of turns and draw your own conclusions:

"The pain it's inevitable the suffering it's optional"

Put a knife in water and you will see what happens: 0% resistance

Water completely surrenders to the space generated by the knife blade. It is impossible to create a suture or a cut. You will realize that the water does not impose any resistance to the metal sheet, it simply lets it in, thus giving it up completely.

It is obvious that I am not telling anything new, but although this information may seem very obvious, we will make a very interesting comparison later that presents a total relationship with the previous phenomenon.

The strength is in weakness

Have you ever seen a cat that when jumping from anywhere stretches its paws and becomes a body completely rigid? I would rather say that, on the contrary, he relaxes and acquires a flexible position adapting to the fall, thus becoming a softer "mass" and not a sack of broken bones when hitting the ground.

The 3 previous cases are a BRUTAL signal that gives us the environment in which we live. There is always an easy way in the lifetime. The way of letting go, of not retaining, of accepting, of going with everything we have, of giving up our natural instincts and our feelings, not offering resistance to pain and "adapting to the fall". This is the easy way that nobody teaches us. Because really, we are educated for the following:

  • Be strong, hard and thus face reality.
  • Do not cry in front of other people, because it is weak.
  • Embarrass ourselves in the face of pain, illness and death.
  • Pursue pleasure, and if you don't have it, you fail.

For this same reason, today I come to establish a relationship between these natural behaviors and the human attitude towards certain situations.

Unfortunately, previous beliefs cannot be further from how reality should really be faced. In truth, the reality is very easy, so easy that you don't have to force anything!

Now you will think, then to see, so much that you talk about it ... How the hell can I face reality 100%? The answer is below:

1. React to pain as your natural instinct suggests: let go and let go completely

I propose an activity, the next time you have a acute pain, listen to your body and react as he asks. Cry, shout and become "weak", so you will realize the power of the weakness. Don't resist the pain, just go with him!

Pain ≠ Suffering

When you surrender to it, you will see that something very interesting happens: the need to react to pain is completely blocked. In other words, do not create a vicious circle in connection with it. This vicious circle is what we all call suffering.

But let me tell you one thing: there is nothing weird or bad about feeling pain. It is another sign that the body gives you, such as hunger, thirst or sweat when regulating body temperature.

2. Accept the socially unacceptable: get rid of anxiety

The pain, the death and the disease They are 3 examples of concepts not accepted in our society. In other words, they are the main causes of suffering. What I want to do now, is to free you from this kind of thinking.

Technology is so advanced as to create intelligent robots but our mind remains anchored in beliefs of the past far.

The human being, like all living beings, is born, grows, reproduces, deteriorates, becomes ill and dies. And there is nothing dark or malefic in any of these processes.

But do not be confused, I would like to point out that this does NOT mean in any case to adopt a passive attitude, stop acting. I refer to ACCEPT all parts of the process even though being 100% participant in it.

In conclusion, all this information can be compressed in two very interesting points:

  1. We can hold on obsessive to pleasure and the absence of pain. Grab it so hard and be so scared that we are not going to get it to depend completely on it.
  2. We have the easy option. We can enjoy of each of the pleasures and the absence of pain and at the same time let them go. Let them go because when they return we will enjoy them in the most unusual and fantastic way that exists.

The main objective I have when creating this article is that you as a reader have been able to establish the relationship between the 3 "phenomena" of nature described, and the attitude we have as people towards situations.

So you know, don't hold on and you'll feel completely free, because free you already are.


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