Sports, Psychological Wellbeing, Health and Mindfulness: good proposals to change our lives

Sports, Psychological Wellbeing, Health and Mindfulness: good proposals to change our lives

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The sport It is being key in everyone's current life. And today there are numbers new sports and physical activities that have burst exponentially in our lives. Skating, Triathlon, Ironman, Kit-Surf, Ultra marathons, etc ...

And of course the introduction of the Sports psychology and Physical Activity is being very useful when it comes to providing added value to our physical activities and sports. It helps us to maintain our motivation, meet our goals, reduce our anxiety in the competition, manage the sports careers of our elite athletes, manage the psychological exhaustion of our athletes, achieve sporting successes, join our team-groups, prevent and recover the sports injuries of our athletes, etc ...

Various scientific studies have shown that physical exercise and sport have effects on the psychological and physical well-being of people who practice it

At the Physiological level:

  • Increases cerebral blood flow.
  • Changes in brain neurotransmitters (e.g.: norepinephrine, endorphins Y serotonin).
  • Increase in maximum oxygen consumption and its distribution to brain tissues).
  • Reduction of muscle tension.
  • Structural changes in the brain.

At the psychological level:

  • Physical exercise reduces anxiety and depression.
  • It produces emotional stability.
  • It produces positive changes in mood.
  • They increase the self esteem.
  • There are positive social interactions.
  • Opportunities for fun and enjoyment.
  • Intensification of feelings of control.
  • Feelings of competition and self-confidence are generated.

Exercises that are characterized by abdominal breathing and repetitive movements have been shown to improve mood.

It should be noted that physical exercise decreases:

  • Work Absenteeism
  • Alcohol abuse.
  • Confusion.
  • Depression.
  • Tension.
  • Stress.
  • Labor errors.

Physical exercise can improve well-being in special cases such as:

  • HIV.
  • Multiple sclerosis.
  • Cancer.

In the last decade in Spain the practice of Mindfulness To improve our lives. To handle Stress and difficult situations or as a practice to cultivate our well-being.

By using meditation techniques people are taught to reduce the levels of conflict and internal struggle in their lives, and learn to be in our lives more attentive to the present moment, to the here and now, even in times of pain and difficulties.

When a person practices Mindfulness While doing any sport, learn to enjoy and savor with full attention much more the sensations of the body in motion.

One gets carried away by the experience of all the senses. When feeling the body in contact with the air or with the wind, when feeling the touch of the hands or feet (as in golf or football) when feeling the contact of the body sliding and flowing on the water in the swimming. We go from the way of thinking to the way of feeling, and one begins to discover the incredible intelligence that the human body possesses to develop the different skills that each sport requires and to open up and realize the immense field of the senses. One disconnects greatly from the thoughts, and is carried away by the sensations of the body. Practicing sports with Full Attention connects with one's own sensations and breathing and turns the moments into much more vivid.

The Mindfulness mental training It helps us increase concentration and not let ourselves be distracted by something other than the game itself or physical exercise. But above all we will discover a new dimension of experience, and letting ourselves be carried away by the enjoyment of our favorite sport.

The athlete's Satori, in the sport state of harmony between body, mind and emotions, in which athletes able to perform at their best, that occurs:

  • When the mind, freed from internal distractions, is nothing more than pure attention to the present.
  • When emotions, freed from all uncomfortable tension manifest themselves as pure motivation.
  • When the body, completely relaxed and full of energy is sensitive and open to life.

At that time when you are in that state, emotions are isolated from the body, which is attentive and dynamic, an optimal state to get the most out of any athlete.

With all these innovations introduced in the world of sport that are bringing a lot of benefits, we cannot remain immobile without entering the world of sport and physical exercise, we recommend it, your life will change.

Author: Ana Tostado Domingo
Senior Personal Trainer. Psychologist of Sport and Physical Activity.
Monitor of the National Sports and Values ​​Program "Sport & Trops".

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